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Week Long Workshops are designed for those full-time retreatants who would like to interact with one workshop leader for the entire week. Depending on how the class is designed, it may contain multiple topics or a single topic that is related to the workshop title. The workshop leader remains the same with each session. Please see the Single Sessions if you are interested in a sampling of workshops or only attending for a day or two. You can sign up for one A.M. Week Long Workshop OR five A.M. Single Sessions.

A.M. WEEK LONG WORKSHOPS (10:15 - 12:15 each day)

#1 Living A Course in Miracles
Dr. Jon Mundy Chesterfield, IN

A complete analysis of A Course in Miracle, including how it came to be and what it says; the metaphysics of ACIM; examination of all the major terms and topic in the Course, including the role of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God in the Course, along with how the principles are to applied in daily life, how it differences from traditional Christianity, what it means when it says the Course of part of “the Universal Course.”

Dr. Jon Mundy is an author, lecturer, the publisher of Miracles magazine and Director of the Miracles Studies Program for All Faiths Seminary in New York City.  He taught courses in Philosophy and Religion from 1967 to 2008 at the New School University and the State University of New York specializing in The History of Mysticism.  The author of 10 books, his newest book is A Course in Mysticism and Miracles.  His previous book, Living A Course in Miracles has become a perennial best-seller and now exists in 8 languages.  He has also produced 137 YouTube presentations on A Course in Miracles.

Jon met Dr. Helen Schucman (Shuck-man) the scribe of A Course in Miracles in 1973.  Helen introduced Jon to the Course and served as his counselor till she became ill in 1980.

He also appears on occasion as Dr. Baba Jon Mundane, a standup philosopher comedian.

#2 Hieroglyphic Magic
Rev. Normandi Ellis Chesterfield, IN

As we work through the hieroglyphs, we find ourselves inside a world of living prayer to the deities, oracular language and the key to entering into altered spaces and states of consciousness on the astral dimension. These workshops offer practical meditations and application of the words of power modeled in the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Workshop Daily Breakdown:

1.      Hieroglyphic Thinking

Words are magic. They operate through sound, image, and intention. This class explores how the medju neter, or hieroglyphs work, how they were used and chanted as magical utterances (heka), and the ways in which you might work with them yourself.

2.      Hieroglyphic Oracles

Divination and dream were part of the potent priestly uses of hieroglyphs. We will be creating a deck of hieroglyphic oracle cards—not at all like Tarot cards, but just as effective. Practice using them and reading is included.

(Classes 1 & 2 go together.)

3.      Landscape of the Egyptian Afterlife Worlds

An ancient Egyptian look at dreams and various levels of consciousness beyond ordinary perception of reality. A guide to heaven & hell as states of consciousness.

4.      Shamanic Emergence in the Astral Realms

An overview of the spiritual bodies prepares us for a shamanic journey through the gates of the underworld. We fly in our astral bodies through the gates to greet Osiris and discover the lessons of each of the seven gates.

5.      Scribing Your Own Book of the Dead

Practice the priestly occupation of inscribing your own Book of Coming into Light, which documents your life and begins conscious inscription of the akashic record of your life lessons and transformations. The journal work is modeled on the Egyptian Book of the Dead as translated through the hieroglyphs that became Normandi’s book Awakening Osiris.

(Classes 3, 4 & 5 go together.)

Normandi Ellis is back by popular demand for her fourth summer with us. She is is the author of many books of fiction and non-fiction. She has translated the spiritual classic, Awakening Osiris, from the hieroglyphs in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Normandi is an ordained priestess in the Fellowship of Isis and leads trips to Egypt with She is a Spiritualist Medium, Past President of the National Association of the Poetry Therapy Foundation, and a Board Member of the Association of the Study of Women and Mythology. Normandi presents workshops around the country and lives in Camp Chesterfield, IN. The information contained in this year's workshop is drawn from Normandi’s latest book The Union of Isis and Thoth: Initiatory Practices of Ancient Egypt (Bear & Co., 2015). Normandi lives and works in Camp Chesterfield, Indiana. You can visit Normandi's website

Normandi will have books for sale in the gift store, The Enlightenment Emporium. Normandi will also be available for private consultation appointments during the free time each day

P.M. WEEK LONG WORKSHOPS (3:30 - 5:30 each day)

Week Long Workshops are designed for those full-time retreatants who would like to interact with one workshop leader for the entire week. Depending on how the class is designed, it may contain multiple topics or a single topic that is related to the workshop title. The workshop leader remains the same with each session. Please see the Single Sessions if you are interested in a sampling of workshops or only attending for a day or two. You can sign up for one P.M. Week Long Workshop OR five P.M. Single Sessions.

#3 Applications for Elements in All Energetic Practices
Frank Graham Plainwell, MI

Learn to build energy recipes from scratch. The first four days will be an intensive journey into each element. Metals, plants, animal totems, and crystals and stones are thoroughly examined for their qualities. How to use each element. How to choose individual specimens from them. (example: choosing crystals and stones for earth, then learning which particular stones to use ) We end with building recipes for ritual, ceremony, tool creation and all forms of energy crafting from healing to prayer.

Frank Graham has been a metaphysical minister for fourteen years. He has done extensive research on angelology, the elements, humours of the body, spiritual theory, spiritual philosophy, spiritual geometry, spiritual physics, practical spiritual energy application, protection, demonology, ancient mythology, and the Hermetica.

He is also certified as a master crystalogist through Melodies Crystal Healing. He has lectured for graduate students at Michigan State University, Central Michigan University, and at the annual Convocation conference. He was an adviser for student groups at MSU

#4 Interweaving Life’s Extraordinary Oneness through Death, Reincarnation, and Energy Healing
Mary Lemons Albemarle, NC

Together we will experience death as a sacred threshold between two realities. We will connect with deceased loved ones and consider what is a “good death”. By considering our own legacy, we will embrace death as an opportunity for our souls’ growth. We will work with reincarnation as a healing modality for ourselves and future generations. Doing energy work on each other we will experience the creative healing life force in our physical and emotional bodies. Our week will end with the Sacred Heart Blessing that envelopes us in our own unconditional love and self-awareness. In Sacred Heart Blessing each of us will be both facilitator and recipient of this remarkable and tenderly unique blessing.

Workshop Daily Breakdown:

Monday: Connecting with Deceased Loved Ones

Tuesday: Creating your Legacy, Creating a Good Death

Wednesday: First Aid Energetic Healing

Thursday: The Healing Aspect of Reincarnation

Friday: Sacred Heart Blessing

Monday and Tuesday: Death: A Sacred Threshold between Two Realities

Experiencing the sacredness of death is the closest we humans come to witnessing the thread of eternity that connects realities. A shift in perspective may be necessary for us to fully appreciate everything death offers us. Learn to embrace death as an opportunity for your soul’s growth. Journeying through the death process, whether your own or that of a loved one, is easier when you are spiritually aware and creative. 

Monday we will learn ways to help us communicate with our deceased loved ones. We will tap into our abilities to have a continued relationship with those no longer physically with us. We will work both with humans and non-humans presently in spirit and shift from “what ifs” and “should haves” to a state of honor and celebration. 

Following End of Life Doula principles we will contemplate how to have a “good death.” Regardless of our age or health, it is empowering to consider now what we want our legacy to be. Creating skills to make the death process more peaceful and more natural is beneficial to us whether we are a caregiver, a family member, a pet owner, or dying ourselves. Together we will consider the sacredness of death and be better prepared to walk peacefully through death experiences. 

Wednesday Workshop: First Aid Energetic Healing

In this experiential class you will learn techniques to use on yourself and others to relieve pain and create balance. These techniques that give immediate relief can be used on animals as well as humans, in person and absentee. You will experience your own energy as you sensitize your hands to work on another. You will be both receiver and giver during our healing sessions. We will close our class with a Chakra Balance meditation in which you will energize your own chakras to music of the seven major chakra tones, opening yourself to the wisdom of your own body.    

Thursday Workshop: The Healing Aspects of Reincarnation

In this experiential workshop you will consider how your past lives influence your present life. You will claim positive accomplishments and heal limiting energies of your past incarnations.  Identifying and healing cycles created by your various past lives is healing for yourself and also for future generations. Working with reincarnation as a healing modality can be very insightful and powerful.  

Friday Morning Workshop: Sacred Heart Blessing

End the week with contemplation and renewal as you prepare to re-enter your everyday life. In the stillness of the tree grove you will take an inward journey through a finger labyrinth. Then you will experience the Sacred Heart Blessing that envelopes you in your own unconditional love and self-awareness. You will also create the space for another to experience his own love of self. In Sacred Heart Blessing you will be both facilitator and recipient of this remarkable and tenderly unique blessing

Mary Lemons teaches workshops, gives lectures, facilitates healing services. She has done intuitive readings and body work at Southeastern Spiritual Conference in Greensboro, NC. She has also taught at Life Spectrums in Pennsylvania, and at the International Expressive Arts Therapists Association Conference in North Carolina. For numerous years she has done Spirit Circles at Catherine Anderson Art Studio in Charlotte, North Carolina and at A.R.E. Retreat in Wildacres, North Carolina. Her various workshops have different focuses, but they all create the sacred space in which we understand the oneness of all creation, and the different ways through which Spirit works in our lives.

Mary Lemons,, is the founder of Inner Awakenings, a holistic healing practice for all species. A Spiritual Intuitive and Animal Communicator, Mary has helped innumerable people and animals deal with both emotional and physical concerns. She is the author of My Best Friend is Dying: What Do I Do, which is a spiritual and practical journey through your animal’s transition. Mary is a Healing Touch Practitioner, SoulCollage® Facilitator, and Reiki Master. She is also certified in Thymo-Kinesiology for both human and animals. Mary teaches workshops throughout the United States, conducts private sessions in-person or by phone, and facilitates Spirit Circles regularly in Charlotte, NC. Mary lives in Albemarle, NC.

Mary will also be offering private consultation sessions during the free time hours.